It is fine aroma cocoa. Its fruit is cultivated in the central coastal region of Venezuela, where the largest premium cocoa of the country is concentrated. 

There are several farms in the region. One of the largest and recognized farms for the excellent quality of its products is Hacienda la Sabaneta. In alliance with this cultivation farm, Chuao Trading exports cocoa of exceptional genetic quality belonging to the Trinitario cocoa variety.


Commercial Classification:

Grain Surface:
Smooth and homogeneous, easy to detach from the rind. 

Marked aroma of cocoa with essence of wood.

It denotes flavours of fruits and nuts.
Grain Colour:
High percentage of dark brown. Low percentage of violet grains.
Acceptable bitterness intensity with low levels of astringency.


Land of history, jungle, and Caribbean sea

Founded in 1616, Choroní is a historical town. The cocoa growing in this valley dates back to colonial times. Indians and slaves under the command of Captain Diego de Ovalle constituted the workforce for cultivation. The cocoa and coffee of Choroní were exported to Europe through a small dock that enabled the commercialization of agricultural products. 

Entre las calles se aprecia una arquitectura colonial que produce una sensación de viaje en el tiempo. Albergando casas, iglesias y plazas construidas hace más de 400 años.

Choroní is located in the valleys of the Henri Pittier National Park. This territory has more than 100,000 hectares, and it is home to the largest variety of birds in the country. At least 582 oviparous species inhabit its forests, which constitutes 43% of the total bird species in Venezuela.  

Las principales actividades económicas del pueblo están ligadas al cacao, a la pesca y al turismo. Rodeado de bosques, cascadas y manantiales, Choroní es una de las bellezas naturales más emblemáticas  de Venezuela. Las playas y selvas tropicales adyacentes, lo convierten en un destino interesante para los turistas.


Located in Choroní, a coastal town in the state of Aragua, Venezuela. La Sabaneta is a cocoa-producing farm founded in 1885. Since its foundation, the land undergone different processes of transformation and evolution until it became the recognized cocoa farm that it is nowadays.

Visiting this place provides a unique experience of time-travel. The main house of the farm has an architecture built more than 200 years ago. With cobbled floors, tile ceilings and tall windows that allow light to pass through. The place looks like frozen in time, taking every visitor back to the colonization era.

En el patio de la propiedad se lleva a cabo el secado. Los granos de cacao cultivados en el terreno, son fermentados y luego secados al sol durante aproximadamente 4 días.

Drying takes place on the property's patio. The cocoa beans grown in the field, are fermented, and then dried in the sun for approximately 4 days. Hacienda La Sabaneta is a natural beauty submerged in the jungles of the Henri Pittier National Park. The rivers of Aragua pass through its soils. Trees grow up to 40 meters high and the jungle is home for more than 140 species of mammals and 582 species of birds.

In 2020, La Sabaneta began a new stage of infrastructure restoration. The owners proposed a land recovery that aims to improve the agronomic management. The measures include strengthening the unique plantation genetics. This restoration is made with the support of cocoa specialists and extensive scientific research. The goal is to preserve the quality of the cocoa bean and improve the harvest efficiency.



160 Km2

Average Altitude
100m (328 pies)

Average temperature